Photography Tips for Property Marketing in Bothell, Washington

Photography Tips for Property Marketing in Bothell, Washington

According to a new report by State of Washington Tourism, 102.2 million tourists visited The Evergreen State in 2022.

As a Bothell landlord looking to attract the ideal tenant, you understand how important property marketing is. Stakes are high in this up-and-coming city, and great rental photography is one way to edge out competitors.

In this guide, we'll cover a few rental photography basics, helping you capture high-quality photos and attract a tenant you can trust every time.

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Understanding the Bothell Market

Before we dive into camera settings and angles, let's take some time to explore the local real estate landscape. Whether you're looking to attract a tenant who's looking for historical charm or modern innovation, this picture-perfect setting suits all tastes.

The small yet vibrant city bridges past and present, offering potential buyers a unique blend of historical charm and modern innovation. Use your listing to highlight the beautiful atmosphere that makes Bothell so popular.

For each property, identify its unique selling points. It could be a spacious backyard, a panoramic view, or a custom kitchen. These features are what you'll want to emphasize in your photography.

Lighting Matters

Proper lighting is crucial in real estate photography. Natural light works best, so schedule shoots during golden hours. Casting your property in a warm glow gives it a cozy and inviting vibe on film.

On cloudy days, artificial lighting can help compensate for a lack of sunlight. By using a combination of diffused and direct lighting, you can closely mimic the softness and warmth of real daylight.

When it comes to shooting exteriors, timing is everything. Sometimes, overcast conditions can be beneficial, providing a natural diffuser and reducing harsh shadows. For best results, take a series of shots throughout the day.

The Power of Angles

Angles are more than technicalities. They're about storytelling. Wide-angle lenses are perfect for capturing the entirety of a room and adding a sense of space to your shots. However, they can distort images over distance, so be sure to keep the subject of your photo as the main focus.

Showcasing unique features like bay windows or custom cabinetry can improve the overall composition of your shots and make them look more homely.

In a landscape-rich city like Bothell, aerial shots can be particularly effective. FPV drones offer a unique perspective, showcasing the property's surroundings and the neighborhood. Remember, each photo should serve a purpose and contribute to the narrative of the property's appeal.

Property Marketing: Rental Photography Made Easy

Ultimately, real estate photography in Bothell is an art form that requires strategic thinking. For best results, be sure to maintain a consistent style and quality throughout your portfolio and brand image.

With these tips in mind, realtors in Bothell can make their listings instantly recognizable and trusted among potential buyers.

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