Effective Lease Enforcement Strategies in Bothell, WA

Effective Lease Enforcement Strategies in Bothell, WA

When most tenants break the lease, it's something tame like being rowdy past quiet hours. But sometimes it's nightmarish. One property owner was left with their rental trashed, and thousands of dollars of repair costs to boot.

It's important to enforce the lease before unsatisfactory behavior turns unbearable. Yet if you've had an unruly tenant, you know it's not as simple as telling them not to do something. So, what are the most effective means of lease enforcement?

Bothell, WA owners need not stress over it too much. Here are some effective lease enforcement strategies for property management in Bothell.

Lease Enforcement Means Showing You're Serious

One of the top ways parents teach their children consequences is simple: being consistent. If kids exhibit a certain behavior, then there will be consequences for it, every time. Without that consistency, it gives someone the impression that kids can get away with things.

The same goes with tenants. Don't fall into the temptation of letting it go if they violate a contractual stipulation from the lease.

So, for example, suppose they break a window after letting the kids play frisbee inside. You could just say "stuff happens" and fix it free of charge. But if you take it out of the security deposit, it's a firm reminder that their actions have consequences.

Property compliance strategies such as these, among other things, improve operations in your investment portfolio.

Do Regular Inspections

If you don't know what's going on, how will you know when there is a problem? It's very common for landlords to rarely, if ever, drop by to take a look at a property with a checklist of enforcement guidelines. This is how small things (like, say, a leak) spiral into big things (major water damage).

One of the biggest lease management tips is to drop by every six months; or twice per lease year. Tenants who demonstrate problematic behavior may deserve extra visits. Just make sure you give them written notice in advance to adhere to local landlord-tenant laws.

Keep on Top of Things

Perhaps the most important linchpin of Bothell, WA rentals is to maintain communication. Many landlords are hard to get in contact with and seem to disappear off the face of the planet. Be available and accessible, but not just with the goal of being there to help your tenant.

Being on top of things shows that you are serious about day-to-day operations relating to the apartment. It prevents creating the impression that you don't care, and therefore any problems that arise won't bother you. As a result, tenants will stay on their toes and be more conscientious of any behavior that violates the lease.

Make Your Rentals Profitable in Bothell, WA

Lease enforcement takes effort, but it is a key step in improving rental profitability. Make sure you are consistent with the consequences related to contractual obligations. Do inspections at least every six months and maintain clear communication throughout the lease.

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